Student Health Center Billing Policy


The Texas State Student Health Center renders quality care to patients and preserves the dignity and confidentiality of patients while receiving appropriate payment for the medical care provided. The following details the Student Health Center's policies and procedures regarding patient billing. This policy is intended to comply with the provisions of Texas Occupations Code Chapter 101.


Office Visits and Other Student Health Center Charges

  • The cost of services provided by the Student Health Center is the responsibility of the patient. Payment is expected at the time of service unless arrangements have been made prior to treatment.
  • Patients with concerns about their ability to pay or who want to request a payment plan must request to speak to the Cashier Supervisor to make arrangements.
  • The Student Health Center will process claims for the Texas State Student Health Insurance Plan, In Network Private Health Insurance Plans, TX Workforce Solutions, and Interdepartmental Transfer (IDTs).
  • Complaints related to billed charges shall be directed to the Cashier Supervisor or Patient Advocate for resolution.
  • The Student Health Center will provide care for students with urgent medical needs regardless of their ability to pay.
  • The Student Health Center does not charge interest for amounts past due. However, discounts are only available for payment at the time of service.

When Patients are Billed

  • Patients will be billed on any outstanding balance on the account resulting from care or services received at the Student Health Center.
  • If a patient overpays their account, the Student Health Center will refund the amount of the overpayment not later than the 30th day after the date that an overpayment has been determined.
  • Patients will be billed when a claim is denied due to patient ineligibility, benefit limits, services are not covered, or when there is still a patient responsibility balance on the account. If an IDT or TX Workforce Solutions claim is denied, the patient will be billed for any denied amount.


  • Patient statements are available at Cashiers or online at the Patient Portal by request.
  • Statements can only be given to a patient.

Requests for Charges or Statements

  • The Student Health Center will provide an estimate of charges no later than the 10th business day after the date of the request. The actual charges for the services or supplies will vary based on the patient's medical condition and other factors associated with performance of the services.
  • The Student Health Center will provide a patient with an itemized statement of the charges for services or supplies within 10 business days. The Student Health Center does not charge for additional copies of itemized statements.
  • Upon request of a patient, the Student Health Center shall provide, in plain language, a written explanation of the charges for services or supplies previously made on a statement for the patient.