Health and Well-Being Task Force


Student success is central to fulfilling the mission of Texas State University. Supporting students’ health and well-being is a critical aspect of enhancing their academic and personal success and moving them toward graduation.  
Student surveys and other data reveal that Texas State students are experiencing higher levels of stress, anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation than their peers nationally. They are also struggling with other health issues such as inadequate sleep, poor nutrition, and lack of exercise.  Financial, academic, and family concerns can also impact their ability to successfully pursue their academic goals.  A university-wide approach to improving the health and well-being of students is necessary to more effectively address their needs and support their success.  
Former President, Denise M. Trauth, established the Texas State Student Health & Well-being Task Force in February 2020.  The Task Force included faculty, staff, and student representatives from across the campus.  Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Task Force could not begin its work until June 2022. The Task Force completed its report in May 2023.

Task Force Charge

The charge of the Task Force is to conduct a comprehensive review of the Texas State undergraduate and graduate student experience to assess how university programs, policies, and practices affect the student experience related to health, wellness, and success. Priorities for the Task Force include:

  • Identify significant factors in the Texas State student experience that contribute to students’ challenges in achieving physical and mental health and a sense of well-being.
  • Utilize national and institutional data to inform the review and assessment process. Work with the Office of Institutional Research and other university offices, departments, or committees to collect existing information on the student experience and identify new student information that is needed.
  • Formulate three short-term and three long-term recommendations to address the issues and challenges that significantly affect students’ ability to achieve optimum physical and mental health.
  • Create a new model for academic engagement, university culture, and university community that acknowledges a shared responsibility for creating an environment that is safe and nurturing and recognizes the importance of individual well-being for personal and academic success.

Dr. Emilio Carranco, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Director of the Student Health Center, and Dr. Vedaraman Sriraman, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, were appointed to co-chair the Task Force.

Outdoor photo of the Student Health Center

Health and Well-Being Commitee Members

Emilio Carranco Co-Chair/Assistant Vice President for Student Success and Director, Student Health Center
Vedaraman Sriraman Co-Chair/Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Angela Ausbrooks Director, School of Social Work
Jennifer Beck Director, Campus Recreation
Janet Bezner Interim Vice President, Round Rock Campus and Professor, Department of Physical Therapy
Lesli Biediger-Friedman Associate Professor, School of Family and Consumer Sciences
Gordon Bohmfalk Director, Facilities Planning, Design and Construction
Chad Booth Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Science and Engineering
Kay Davison Member, Student Health Center Advisory Committee Student Advisory Council (Student Representative)
Katlyn Fritz Member, Graduate House (Student Representative)
Julie Eckert Assistant Director, Student Health Center
Kevin Fall Chair, Counseling, Leadership, Adult Education and School Psychology
Kiersten Florence Vice President, Student Government (Student Representative)
Andrea Golato Dean, The Graduate College
Matthew Hand President, Residence Hall Association (Student Representative)
Jeff Housman Assistant Vice President for Curriculum and Academic Programs and Pro­fessor, Department of Health and Human Performance
Kristopher Infante Interim Director, PACE Academic Advising
Bill Mattera Executive Director, Department of Housing and Residential Life
Toni Moreno Assistant Director, Institutional Inclusive Excellence-Student Initiatives
Vincent Morton Associate Vice President for Student Success and Dean of Students
Lynne Reeder Director, Counseling Center
Kelsey Solis Athletics Representative
Marc Turner Assistant Vice President, Institutional Research
Samone Williams Member, Black Health Professions Organization (Student Representative)

Health and Well-Being Task Force Final Report

The Health and Well-being Task Force began its work in June 2022. Internal and external student data, as well as research articles, were reviewed by the Task Force. The final report was completed in May 2023. It includes significant findings and 26 short and long-term recommendations. The report was discussed with President’s Cabinet on October 23, 2023. The final report is to be discussed with the Presidential Commission on Student Success for further consideration and action.

Questions About the Final Report

For questions about the final report, you may contact Julie Eckert, Assistant Director for Health Promotion Services, at