ZZZ's To A's

Academic Benefits of Sleep

The importance of sleep in college

Graphic of books stacked.
  • Getting enough sleep is vital to students' academic performance. 
  • Sleep loss leads to learning and memory impairment, as well as decreased attention and vigilance. 
  • The sleep state allows your brain to take in new information more fully and to better synthesize new experiences. 
  • As you sleep, your brain organizes and correlates memories, which increases your understanding and retention. 

Effects of poor sleep among students

Graphic of pillow sleeping.
  • Sleepiness and poor sleep quality affects university students' academic performance and daytime functioning. 
  • Students with symptoms of sleep disorders are more likely to receive poor grades. 
  • College students with insomnia have more mental health problems than college students without insomnia. 
  • Students with medical-related majors are more likely to have poor sleep quality. 
  • Students who pull “all-nighters” are more likely to have a lower GPA. 
  • Staying up late on school nights and making up for it by sleeping late on weekends results in poor classroom performance.