Mental Health Services

Student Health Center : Texas State University

Primary care providers, including physicians and nurse practitioners, are available to provide evaluation and medical management of common mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and ADHD. Primary care providers work collaboratively with patients to develop an effective treatment plan.  The goals of treatment are to assist patients in managing the distress and negative impacts of a mental health disorder, to build self-efficacy and to support personal and academic success.    

Students requesting treatment for ADHD must provide medical documentation of neuropsychological testing supporting the diagnosis of ADHD or evaluation and treatment by a psychiatrist for ADHD. The Student Health Center does not provide testing for ADHD or ADD. To request an initial appointment for continuation of care for ADD or ADHD, visit our ADD/ADHD webpage.

Patients that do not respond to treatment, have more complicated mental health conditions, or determined to be beyond the scope of practice may be referred to a psychiatrist for further evaluation.  Mental health services are available only during normal business hours.  Patients are eligible for services while enrolled at Texas State University and must transfer care when no longer enrolled.  

To schedule an appointment for evaluation of mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, or panic attacks, call 512.245.2161.

NOTE: For information on brief individual, group, couples counseling, consultation, or crisis response resources, please visit the Texas State Counseling Center website or call 512.245.2208.